Starting Point Carolina
Physical Address: 1723 Armstrong Park Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone: 704-854-9828
Fax: 704-854-9882

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Program Description
Starting Point Carolina is an therapeutic out of home placement services that consists of trained therapeutic foster parents. There, the client or adolescent is assisted in learning to function effectively in a family and community setting.

The client or adolescent will have an expanding range of social learning opportunities. Starting Point Carolina promotes the family reunification for all clients placed within our care. During this time, clients with continued need for out-of-home placement in a therapeutic environment may attend community schools, engage in extra-curricular and community activities, and secure part-time jobs.

Experiencing daily opportunities for adjustment, growth, and success, these clients and adolescents will benefit from treatment intervention provided by the therapeutic parents while gaining the skills and confidence to manage family and community living.

Target Population: Children and Adolescent ages 0-18
Depending upon condition of VPA from DSS discharge at age 21

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Staff and Crisis Contact Information

Program Director
Shannell Hart, LCSW
Crisis Cell: 704-964-9133

Case Manager
Angela Gabriel, QP
Crisis Cell: 704-964-9116

Discharge Process
Discharge from Starting Point Carolina's Program will be determined by the following:

• A child is released from probation and his/her family desires that they are returned home or transferred to another program for services.

• A child has resolved majority of the problems that precipitated treatment

• A child's family requests (provided the child is not ordered to the services of Starting Point Carolina such as the courts through DSS or probation)

• A child becomes psychotic or aggressively unmanageable and cannot be stabilized in the community. A higher level of care will be recommended at that time.

• A child and their guardian seek another treatment service.

• A child is judged to be no longer benefiting from their treatment at Starting Point Carolina. (Time will be taken, after all possible interventions to secure and arrange for an appropriate treatment.

Download Application for Service/Intake Study

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